Bling Wig Heads
  • blinged out wig head for wig use
  • glazed styrofoam heads covered in rhinestones
  • wood base stand
  • handmade
styrofoam head glazed with black glitter 8 inch wood stand red , yellow and red rhinestones custom order...
styrofoam head glazed with majestic blue glitter  covered in iridescent rhinestone 8 inch stand wig pins included
8 inch silver stand aqua blue glitter glazes styrofoam face aqua blue & white  rhinestones wig stand &...
13 inch hot pink face blue & white rhinestones pink glazed styrofoam head 13 inch tall wood base...
8 inch wood  stand iridescent glass crystal head silver face styrofoam head gold wood base stand handmade   ...
black smoke styrofoam head smoked iridescent rhinestones 8 inch handmade wood base
 8 inch wood base stand clear rhinestones hot pink glazed styrofoam wig head CLEARANCE
13 inch silver styrofoam head handmade wood base stand smoke rhinestones silver glitter glazed face with red lips...
red wig stand red rhinestone
 13 inch silver handmade wood stand pink face with baby pink rhinestones glitter glazed styrofoam head
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