eyelashes, wig bags ,  hair acessort
Random colors  Waterproof 2 pack
black elastic ponytail tie 50 pieces
48 pieces elastic multi color ponytail ties
16 snap barrettes  2 gold , 2 silver , 2 black , 2 gun metal large
Dramatic Long Lush Lashes black G800
Bobby Pins    pink glitter, gold glitter , silver glitter   decorative bobby pins 20 per pack
edge control brush- lay down baby hair good sturdy easy to use spatula  
Criss Cross Lashes & Glue  5 Pairs
long beautiful lashes comes with glue .  reusable light weight not stiff very comfortable  includes lash glue
This product is designed to hold wig in place without glue or tape protect's edges adjustable velcro  three...
got2b glued Arogon oil wig grip shampoo &conditioner detanling comb and brush
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